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The Fable of the Blind Mind and the Crippled Heart     By Rich Webb

I was talking to my son the other day and one of our conversations was about how I lost (or failed to make) a ton of money by NOT purchasing a beach property that was offered to me a few years ago...

...the funny thing was my instinct told me strongly to do it, but I could not make it sound logical to myself at the time.


I know most of us have a story similar to this but this one was a 7 figure mistake for not following my gut at the time…and still gives me a little stab in the heart when I think of it.


I started to think about the mind and the heart and how they often seem to disagree.  It brought to mind this story you might find interesting.

It's a very, very old fable about a blind man and a cripple.

They lived in a remote village in India and had become sworn enemies. 

They had a long-standing feud and their disagreements were often loud and heard throughout the entire village

For years the animosity between them continued to grow. their arguments often raged with fiery words and hot tempers.

This may have been a foreshadow of events to come, for during one very hot and dry summer a terrible fire broke out. The fire rapidly built to an all-consuming roar and began melting and destroying everything in its path.

The villagers began to flee in fear as nothing could stop the fearsome fire.

In the panic, the blind man and the cripple were forgotten about and left behind.

The blind man did not know which way to go
in order to escape the fire, and the cripple, who could actually see a path to safety, was unable to move toward it.

So both were stuck.

Not surprisingly it turned out their desire to live was greater than their hatred for each other. So they decided to work together in order escape almost certain death.

The blind man lifted the cripple onto his shoulders, and the cripple then gave him directions on which way to move in order to escape the raging flames and heat. 

So, working together for the first time in their lives, they managed to make their way out of the ravaged, smoke-filled danger area and survived. After this their long-held anger and hatred seemed to disappear. In fact, they ended up becoming friends.

There are many lessons to be learned from this old tale but in this allegory who is the blind man and who is the cripple?

The blind man is your mind.

The cripple is your heart.

The fire is whatever challenges, sticky situations or traumatic decisions you are facing right now.

The mind is the vehicle through which you can move, through which you can act — but it is blind, and often cannot see with clarity which direction you should take...

...the mind can endlessly argue with itself, constantly weighing the pluses and minuses, struggling between what you will gain and what you will lose if you take this action or that direction.

It cannot see how to escape your challenge.

“On the other haaaaaand”, as the pondering milkman ‘Tevye’ would often point out in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’…Your heart can clearly see the way out but does not have a means to act.

In order to act, it needs the mind.

So they need to communicate and rely on each other.

But, in most cases, the heart needs to sit on top of the mind, as the cripple sat on the shoulders of the blind man.

With your heart leading the way, your mind becomes more intelligent.

Listen to your heart.

Listen to your mind.

If you do that and learn to let them communicate and interact with each other you will be able to make decisions with an ‘EDUCATED INSTINCT’.

And that will serve you well in difficult decisions to com.


Let’s Play 20 Questions…Are You A Winner?     by Dave Thomas            

You know your business inside out. You are the expert in your field. 


Chances are you not a marketing expert and this 20 questions exercise will expose you to some of the critical info you just don’t know.


Each question is based on something you should know in order to be an effective marketer for your company.


Each question produces answers that can be incredibly helpful in identifying and implementing marketing strategies that will be profitable.

  • 1.Do you know the strengths of your product or service?
  • 2.Do you know the weaknesses of your product or service?
  • 3.Who exactly are your best customers?
  • 4. Who is your strongest competitor?
  • 5. How do you measure your success…. sales volume, growth or profits?
  • 6. Do you know your costs (raw cost of goods and overhead costs?
  • 7. What do your customers like most about your product or service?
  • 8. What do customers like about your competitor’s product or service?
  • 9. Can you list all the advertising avenues that are available for you?
  • 10. What is the monthly cost of each of your available media?
  • 11. Do you have a marketing plan?
  • 12.Do you have a marketing budget?
  • 13.Do you have sales goals?
  • 14. Do you expect your sales people to be responsible for their own leads?
  • 15. Are your sales people continuously trained?
  • 16. What kind of media campaign has worked best for you?
  • 17.Have you ever tried a completely new idea in marketing?
  • 18.Is your pricing competitive?
  • 18. What is unique about what you do?
  • 19. Do you know who to call or email to become a Marketing Winner? 801-892-2020 rich@winningedgemarketing.com.
  • 20.Is your technology up to date? When a potential customer looks online for you, is yours the first telephone number that he sees?

This is your invitation to give us a call. We will help you evaluate your marketing efforts. Don’t be surprised if we have a suggestion or two that will help.


It will cost you nothing to pick our brains and take advantage of what we have learned.

Call now at 801-892-9090   or email us: info@WinningEdgeMarketing.com

Article-Top 7 Reasons to Start Video Marketing Now…by Rich Webb


The Quickest Way to Stop Wasting Money in Your Marketing

Have you spent money on marketing or advertising options that just are not producing for you?


Did you spend money to build or improve your website or pay someone to do SEO and still no leads--no conversions--no profit?


Do you keep trying new advertising options that come out and promise you the moon for just a few sheckles but they keep leaving you high and dry? Almost as high and dry as the moon?


Weeeell, your answer might be found in the form of videos.




According to Buffer; companies that include videos in their marketing campaigns have 27% higher click-through rates and 34% higher conversion rates than companies not using videos.


OK, but what’s the big deal? That’s just another somewhat confusing number.


BECAUSE all of the research leads us to the exact same answer. Video marketing!


Apparently, it’s more than just the latest trend. Videos are a very versatile and profitable digital marketing tool.


In fact, we found a NUMBER OF NUMBERS that all add up to this…You must start using video marketing in your business.


So let's take a look at SEVEN TOP DOCUMENTED REASONS that your business needs video.


(1)  Your conversions will increase along with your ROI.

To keep it simple… the foremost benefit of using videos is that they increase your sales…so naturally they also increase your ROI. Studies have shown that more than 70% of users who watched a video and related to a product… immediately bought it.


And how many businesses say that using video as a marketing tool has helped them get good returns on their investments?


More than 80%. That should be “Enough Said!”


(2) Because Google loves videos

Google is the parent organization behind YouTube, so like all parents they favor their child. Videos now directly affect your website's overall search engine ranking and most google searches now show at least a few videos.


According to Muvlee if a video is embedded in your website then your chances to be on top of search results increase by more than 50 times!


(3) Video generates and increases audience engagement.

The latest surveys show more than one-third of online activity involves watching videos.


In fact, audiences are 10X more likely to watch, share, like, embed, and INTERACT with your video content than any website copy, written blog or social media post– I repeat, that’s 10X more engagement.


Because using videos for your business is more likely to engage a lot of new customers; if you're thinking about launching a new product or service—video marketing can be highly beneficial. It’s also been proven true that more than 80% of consumers prefer watching a video about a product rather than reading about it.


(4) Valuable information is more easily explained using video

With so many websites and products being launched every day using only content to provide information about your products and services can be quite competitive and boring for your visitors. You can make their visit to your site a more interesting one by adding more video.


However according to a study conducted by Forrester one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.


So, you cannot help but conclude that adding a video to your landing pages can help you attract a bigger audience. Maybe not 1.8 million all at once, but…


(5) Video creates more social shares (remember, 10X more shares than a post without video)

Internet users watch an average of more than 6 hours of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.  More than 60% of Internet users say they're more likely to share a BRAND VIDEO with their friends in comparison to brands that don't have any videos.


Having a video can definitely help your brand go viral. Viral is always very difficult to achieve but with a video your chances increase 100X or more.


(6) Video engages more smartphone users

Given the growth of E-commerce, consumers are more likely to engage in videos a lot more than reading blogs and articles about the same thing.


It's been shown that more than 50 percent of smartphone users prefer companies with mobile sites or apps that provide instructional video content.


(7) Video makes it easier and more likely to achieve an emotional connection

In general, prospective customers need to feel an emotional connection before they buy. They use logic to help make purchase decisions, or to justify emotional decisions…BUT, it is the emotional connection that causes them to buy.


Emotional connection is also the key to building long-term business relationships and to develop an abiding feeling of loyalty and trust. It is the primary key to increasing your Lifetime Customer Value. Video is one of the best tools for doing that.


So, I have now given you a large NUMBER OF NUMBERS that all seen to prove--video marketing can provide an immense and powerful engine to super-charge your business growth…


You can’t possibly put off the decision to use more video any longer.


Call WE Marketing if you could use some easily affordable assistance. They are well-known as the “Video Marketing Experts”. Check out www.VideoMarketingExpert.org --or call 801-892-9090 with any questions or to schedule a free 20 minute strategy session.


Website? We don’t need no stinking website!              By Rich Webb


Wrong, wrong and wrong again.


Your website is still the ‘hub’ (or should be) of all your other marketing and advertising.


Your traditional media ads, your online ads, even your Facebook page…all make people aware that you exist and make potential customers aware of your products and services.


“Eighty six percent of those people who are interested in what they hear or see in your ads go to your website to check you out.”

Now a website has three primary functions it needs to do very well.

It needs to CATCH THEIR ATTENTION; it needs to engage with emotion and it needs to convert.


My friend, Gabriel Wong shortens it to ‘Hook’, ‘Story, and ‘Close’.


First, catching their attention is almost self-explanatory. But whatever you use to get their attention, you now need to keep their attention, you need to HOOK them and KEEP them interested.


Engagement means to be able to get them to pause…look closer…research… and investigate.


So, your website needs to be sticky. Most people leave a web site within five to ten seconds after they arrive because they don't see something that's relevant to them. Hook them before they leave!


You need to interrupt their existing state-of-mind, grab their attention, engage them with stories, relevance, value, or emotion and close them with a call-to-action or commitment of some kind.


In the old days, the longer that somebody stayed in your store the more likely they were going to buy. Fast forward to the future and it is still true.


“You want to get visitors to hang around your website and loiter a little bit. Loiterers are always welcome!”

If they don't stay on your web site to check it out, research or investigate what you offer, the chance of them buying is greatly reduced so…


Attention and engagement are extremely important.


BUT, here’s a critical thing. It does you no good to catch their attention and have them hang around if they don’t take any action or make any decision.


The third thing that your website needs to do is to convert, or close, or get a response. Now convert doesn't mean that they have to make a purchase. Although nobody is going to complain if that should happen.


The conversion goal is what you want them to do when they visit your website.


Now most business owners think that it's just to entertain or to provide information about your company.


However, would you keep a sales person on your staff in your payroll if all they did was provide information and entertain people?


Certainly not!


Your website could and should be able to function as your best sales person. It's reliable and dependable and is always there 24/7 selling for you.

“You need to carefully decide what your closing objective is; what you want your prospects to do while and after they visit your website.”

It could be to fill out a form, it could be to sign up for your newsletter so you can send future offers and messages. If you have e-commerce; of course, it's to have them make a purchase.


Your website should inspire them to immediately call or come in; but you want know what you want them to do next, what your objectives are.


It will help if you set goals to try to meet those objectives and then continue to improve on them.


You want to continuously measure, evaluate and improve.


Your website should and could be your most valuable and effective lead generator and sales person.  Treat it with the same attention, affection and care you would your best salesperson.


BECAUSE of the rapid advances in technology it's not uncommon that you have to do a major overhaul or even replace your website every two to four years. They are not just for show anymore.


It's very important that you put your site to work for you. To do that you must have a current, well- functioning, engaging, compelling and converting website.


When’s the last time you showed your website some affection and gave it a makeover?

Do it now.


Do it now or call us if you’re a busy owner and would like to have some-one you trust make things quick and easy for you. Call now at 801-892-9090 or visit our friendly website. Our site is just ‘raring-to-go’ to award you some valuable free gifts.  www.WinningEdgeMarketing.com.


P.S. We offer a free “Website Analysis” that is the same as a $299 paid consultation. No cost, no obligation, but we often hear from customers that we delivered several hundred dollars of value.

3 Deadly Mistakes You’re Probably Making Now in Your                                   Email Marketing


by Rich Webb---What can you do to write and craft effective emails when you're sending out email marketing? That’s the BIG QUESTION isn’t it?


Let’s start with 3 of the most common and deadly mistakes that are often made--even by experienced marketers.


First: Stop including images!  Whaaaaaaaat?......you may say. Isn’t an image worth a thousand words?


Yes, it certainly can be…but first you have to get into your prospects inbox to be seen. If you are emailing a cold or very lukewarm list that hasn’t received your emails previously, many or even most, images will SHOOT you straight to the SPAM folder. Your email cannot be effective if it never gets a chance to be seen.


Now, that advice is a little bit controversial and there are some exceptions. There is some debate about how helpful images in emails are…or are not. Here is the CRITICAL KEY so that you will know when to use images or videos. Videos are still becoming more and more popular in almost all online venues and you do not want to get left behind without using them in your businessl


So…PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!... when you are emailing a warm list, (people who know you and have received email from you previously) images and short videos can evoke instant emotion and desire to engage or respond. Those are 2 of the 5 Critical Factors you are looking to achieve in any advertisement. So…..very good idea to your warm or hot list! But to a colder list…..not so much.


Second Mistake: Do not include more than 3 links in your email.

More than 3 links in your email is almost always going to send you straight to the PROMOTION or SPAM folder as well, unless your recipient has already white listed your email. More on how to get this done in a later post.


Now it’s a great idea to write a fantastically interesting paragraph and then include a link to read the rest of your email or see the accompanying video or related graphic image on your blog or other site. But try to keep your number of links to two, maybe three links at the most.


Mistake 3: Continuing to send emails if you do not get a response to the first 3 to 5 emails you send. I see this happen all the time in my own email Inboxes. I have 3 or 4. I monitor the SPAM folders just to keep on top of what gets through and what gets rejected if I do not white list it myself.


I have at least half a dozen companies that have continued to email me weekly for over a year…even though all my email providers bumped them automatically into SPAM after about the 4th or 5th email. They are certainly wasting money.


Now an individually sent email will still often get through even after several non-opens, but a bulk email will usually get $%#t canned. Don’t let yourself end up on the ‘email can’.


Now you might be thinking, “Rich, why all the mistake-oriented tips, why don’t you give me some strategies that will help me write more effective marketing emails?


Sounds like a good idea to me, so here you go.


Emails are for sales, building relationships, and continuing to follow up with people…but of course people have to see the emails first…hence I gave you 3 major mistakes to avoid.


Therefore, my positive tips for you (let’s end with a flourish!) would first be to write every campaign email like it is a personalized email before you even send it up for a campaign broadcast. Then use your email provider to make it unique and customized with the person's name when you send it to your list.


Now my last tip in this article is… to ask a question in EVERY email BECAUSE you want to generate a response. What happens when you respond to somebody or they respond to you? You are often able to begin an email thread.


If you have an active email thread with a potential client, you and they are going to continue hitting the inbox…which is the first goal of email marketing anyway. So, it puts you on a great track.


Questions also happen to be a great way to stimulate emotion, engagement and response. Every marketing or sales email is made better when you include an EFFECTIVE QUESTION.


These are some of the exact tips strategies and insights we have used to grow our business. I hope they can help you as well.