Outbound contact programs are often "Missing Links" that are serious 'lost profit' opportunities for you. Follow up with gratitude is always beneficial.


Inactive or abandoned past customers and prospects can consistently be resurrected with a service-oriented, value-based phone call, or a permission-granted email, or interactive social media messages.


Even 8 to 10 year old customer lists can be 'raised from the dead' and re-sold with personable 'client care' based contacts.  Also, leads you are already producing now can be super-qualified by courteously educating them, interacting with new information, and building stronger relationships.

Let me emphasize—we make all the follow-up contacts for you in a manner designed to create purchasing relationships with high levels of trust and loyalty and tie it down by asking for a shared commitment from your customer. It always pays off in higher retention, revenue and referral rates when every customer receives these kinds of relationship-building calls.


You could be focusing your time on your core expertise or improving your business while we stay busy 24/7 qualifying and attracting prospects for you. What could be better than that?

Below: Info-graphic Display of an Eight Step Outbound System

What  sets  us  apart  from  most  other  call  centers  or  contact  centers?


  • In most cases we dedicate one or more of our Telephone Service Representatives entirely to your company or project so they are completely focused on implementing your project and not trying to handle multiple projects for other Clients at the same time.
  • For most of our clients we manually dial each call to eliminate periods of awkward silence and  irritation; however we still maintain an extremely high number of completed calls.
  • We do not hire, use or try to train inexperienced or foreign agents (for example, no kids just out of high school, no difficult-to-understand accents, no one who sounds like they are reading a script or mumbling words).
  • Our agent representatives have been with our company an average of five and one half years compared to an industry average of less than one year.
  • All our agents are well-spoken, easy-to-understand and typically have one or more years of college education.
  • We use an integrity-based, customer-care, approach in every call. We always script to deliver thanks, appreciation, help and value first, before we ask for anything—this care centered approach creates long-term success and does not burn out your list or offend your customers.
  • We recognize that outbound success depends on a partnership with you where you are involved in the process and give feedback. We can customize the process so that it reflects your core values and image.
  • We are experts in creating successful marketing and sales funnels and understand online, direct, print and broadcast marketing sales campaigns. We specialize in when, where, and how to add the telephone into your sales process and blend it with other media campaigns to multiply your results. Most call centers specialize primarily on the telephone.


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