A Website has 3 Primary Functions it Needs to Perform 


It needs to CATCH ATTENTION; it needs to engage with emotion and it needs to convert.


Our friend, Gabriel Wong in Singapore, shortens this effective Formula to ‘Hook’, ‘Story, and ‘Close’.


You need to interrupt your visitors existing state-of-mind, grab their attention, engage them with stories, relevance, value, or emotion; and close them with a call-to-action or commitment of some kind.


“Your website could and should be          able to function as your best sales          person. It's reliable and dependable        and is always there 24/7 selling for        you.”

It's very important that you put your site to work for you. To do that you must have a current, well-functioning, engaging, compelling and converting website.


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     When properly constructed and designed with the TIGER Marketing Formula your website         can do the work of 9 terrific sales people all at once; and keep doing it for 24 hours a day.