Poolcover Specialists

"Winning Edge Marketing redesigned our Poolcover brochure with new headlines, new graphic design, new photographs, and new copy. When we mailed the new brochure to our customer list, we received over $300,000 in product orders in the first 30 days."

Wes Mathis, CEO



"We needed a great brochure in a hurry to tell our unique story at our national industry show. Winning Edge Marketing produced a graphically stunning brochure in record time. We were nominated for a national best design award but better than that, we were overwhelmed with callbacks.

Bill McPhail, President


Harmony Home Health

"We may have spent a fortune on television and outdoor ads, but the best return on our marketing money will come from the direct-marketing approaches offered by the Winning Edge. With the Winning Edge marketing expertise at our disposal, we will be the most competitive business in the state, among our industry.

"Winning Edge Marketing consistently delivers marketing ideas that actually produce results and make a profit. If you get the chance to put them on your team, hire them immediately. It is guaranteed to be a good business decision for your organization."

Cory Moss


Ideal Shutters

"When Winning Edge Marketing created the brochure that launched our products on a national scale, they created benefit-oriented headlines and copy that were targeted exactly to impact our market. They pointed out that the benefits to our wholesale customer were very different than the retail benefits.

They created a marketing plan for our tradeshow that created powerful impact. We had so many calls, we could hardly keep up with the orders."

Jason Wallin


Fertile Earth Corporation

"We had a great idea for a new product - and lots of questions. Who, exactly, were our buyers, how much would they pay, and how much information did they need before we could make a sale? What was the best method to sell our products to our customers? What was the best way to package our products for the greatest-possible-success?"

"We engaged the Winning Edge to do research, help create strategies, and perform a marketing test so that we could develop and refine our marketing plan. They started asking the questions and finding the answers. Not only did they give us the answers to the questions we were asking, but they supplied a number of marketing strategies that helped us tell our story more effectively. Their results will be helpful for a long time to come."

Thurl Bailey - Dan O'Very


Harmony Hospice and Home Health

"We are a home health and hospice company. People come to us when they are in need, and since with hospice care the need is terminal, our patients are often in crisis situations. When we determined to go after additional business in a significant way, we had to find marketing help from people who were sensitive to how our business worked. We chose the Winning Edge to help develop and prepare our marketing plan because they know how to generate new patients, one vital customer at a time."

"The Winning Edge direct-response marketing and relationship building approach helped all of our employees to become more sales-oriented and more proactive in building our business even though our top priority is still compassion and quality care for our patients. Their direct-response approaches have proven to be the most cost-effective way to build our patient/customer base. With the Winning Edge, our patient acquisition costs will go way down, and our number of patients we are able to help will go up in a major way. It's just what the doctor ordered."

"We highly recommend Winning Edge to any company that is looking for marketing expertise and assistance. If you are considering a new or improved marketing plan for your organization, they can provide the perfect prescription for a healthier and more-profitable bottom line."

Dennis Strong, CEO


Hipaa Tools

"We had a limited budget and needed to know where to concentrate our sales efforts. We had five or six possible buying groups in the health-care field, and defining and creating our specific target markets and our sales process was turning out to be complicated.

Winning Edge Marketing helped us to focus our sales efforts and significantly improved our profit potential. When we approached them to do telephone marketing and sales research as well as testing, Winning Edge was enthusiastic about the job we had given them, but they kept us on track and made sure we were realistic about what needed to be done to assure our success."

Chad Godfries, President


Ekstrom and Associates

"Our company needed a business plan completed in a hurry. Potential funding sources were waiting on us to deliver a comprehensive and impressive marketing/business plan. The Winning Edge produced a thorough and complete document in an amazingly short time. Our funding sources were impressed, and so were we.

"We also asked WE Marketing to assist us to define our most powerful marketing message and tell our business story on our Web site. The Web site copy they produced was interesting and compelling. The website has become a big help to our ongoing sales efforts."

Kent Ekstrom, President



"The marketing plan prepared by the Winning Edge gave us a big jump-start when we opened our business. They helped us to prioritize our marketing strategies along with our expenses and our time invested. One of the biggest plusses was the strategies for Affinity Marketing they created and helped us clearly define. They showed us how we could work with other businesses to reach our target markets and keep our costs low."

Justin Stewart, Owner


Firmco Financial

"Your Winning Edge prospecting specialists have kept us on top of the market during tough times, and we are now ready for additional new business.

"It was surprising to me, but our prospects and customers are more willing to share their plans with the Winning Edge prospecting specialists than they are with Ed and (me). You provide a very pleasant conversation for our potential customers, and it's a lot less threatening than talking with a sales rep. We give you guys a lot of credit for the best month we have had in two years."

Dave Larsen, Sales Manager


Bridgepoint Systems

"The Tele-Help lead generation program provided by Winning Edge was so effective for us that we immediately added two additional telephone representatives the second month. The telephone agents set appointments for our salespeople, fill our instructional seminars across the country from our SLC headquarters, and provide invaluable customer service as well as update and clean up our customer lists."

David Hanks, CEO


VIP Media

"Winning Edge Marketing helped us clearly define and effectively communicate our Unique Competitive Advantage, and our most important marketing message. Their simple, creative approach helped set us apart as a company that understands and can creatively tell a business story on video. We implemented the 'UCA' in all our marketing activities, sales materials, and presentations. This simple but crucial activity generated sales increases immediately."

Peter Hansen, President


Dental Cooperative of America

"Our national cooperative association of dentists used WE Marketing to establish our inbound call center to handle advertising response fulfillment and to set patient appointments for our member dentists. We were so pleased with the results that we now have Tele-Help making customer service calls to our established patients. All aspects of the telephone marketing and customer service have been extremely successful."

Marlon Berrett


Utah Financial

"WE Marketing is our best and most consistent source of leads for new business. The prospecting program has been extremely profitable for us."

Carl Demita


Cypress Mortgage

"Tele-Help has been an extremely reliable source of leads for us with their prospecting service. Also, when we combined our direct mail piece with a follow-up Tele-Help phone call, our results more than tripled."

Joe Hicks


Automotive Business Computers

"Winning Edge Marketing not only helped us write a powerful business plan, which we are using to generate funding for expansion for our company, but they provided a Tele-Help program for us, which is helping us sell our software products nationally. The telephone agent they provided brings us consistent leads for our salespeople, and they also have helped us develop our sales process and materials. Their skill and experience were invaluable, but the best part was the convenience and ease of getting it all in place."

Ron Kasai, CEO


Harmony Hospice and Home Health

"It was my second day on the job as the new marketing director, and I walked by the desk of someone I had not yet met. She was talking on the phone to some of former patients, asking them how they were doing and exploring their need for additional care and whether or not they had friends or family who might also need home health care. She was warm, empathetic, and concerned. She was the perfect voice to speak for Harmony Home Health Care.

"I mentioned this to our CEO and he said, "Oh, she is the customer relationship specialist from Winning Edge Marketing." I couldn't believe she was provided to us from an outsource company. Our former patients love to hear from her, and she is generating new referrals at almost twice the rate we expected."

Jeff Baxter, Marketing Director



"Winning Edge Marketing is one of the few marketing companies in the country that recognizes the difference between prospecting and sales and understands that knowing and acting on that vital difference can tremendously increase your success at both."

"Winning Edge demonstrated to me that national research shows, on the average, it takes somewhere between five and 14 contacts or 'impressions' to make a sale. Research also shows that only 78 percent of the marketing and advertising leads generated in this country are contacted even one time, and (fewer) than 10 percent of those are followed up with more than once."

"It is an obvious conclusion that to make more sales, a company must create more quality follow-up contacts. Winning Edge is the master of relentless follow-up with prospects and customers, consisting of quality, interactive, relationship-building contacts. Their state-of-the-art direct-response marketing technology and their strategies for building, enhancing, and following up with prospect and customer database names is second to none."

"Their skill at creating powerful, attention-grabbing headlines and videos, writing compelling and interesting stories or scripts which sell the specific benefits of your products, and using magnetic words and touching hot buttons that stimulate interest and sales is outstanding."

"WE Marketing knows how to assist you to develop new business and sales opportunities as well as how to build those opportunities over the long term until your prospect base begins to pay off big-time. Once your prospects become clients, they can assist you to enhance and strengthen your client relationships through cross-selling, customer win-back programs, referral programs, client prioritization, etc. so that you are developing and improving your client base."

"If you're not using the WE Marketing as your outsource provider for prospecting and marketing services, you're probably costing yourself a fortune in lost business you cannot afford to lose."

Dan Harmon


Cherrico Furniture

Dear Winning Edge Marketing,

"I want to go on record thanking you for the effective and highly professional way you assisted with our marketing plan.

As you know, we wanted to significantly increase our volume of business. We needed to expand our product lines and our dealer network. Your work helped us to identify several specific ways we could attract new dealers.

The Winning Edge appreciated our strengths and helped us build on our most powerful assets. Your recommendation for a new brochure that clearly articulated and illustrated the specific benefits we provide for our customers was masterful. Thanks to you, we now deliver our most powerful marketing message to all our prospective customers.

You worked as a team with our people, but our company's increased revenue and profitability was your primary goal.

We now have a clearly documented plan that will get us started on the road to a whole new level of operation, and we are anxious to continue working with you as we grow."


Jon Collier


Mountain West Telecom

Dear Winning Edge,

"Money spent on marketing is always a risk, but engaging your services has been a risk worth taking."


Your telephone lead generation and client development follow-up service has clearly helped us in three ways:


(1) You determined that between 10 and 12 percent of our customers are always in need of our products or services and have demonstrated that keeping in touch with these customers on a regular and frequent basis is not only profitable but essential to our growth.

(2) Your professional and innovative approach in contacting and dealing with our newly acquired customer base let us know that we were losing as many as 20 percent of this group and that we needed to act quickly to keep the business.

(3) Your service has not only given us complete and accurate marketing information, but that information has resulted in enough profit on new sales to more than pay for your service. In other words, you made money for us and also brought us crucial information.

Your prospecting specialist, Lindsay, has performed with skill, responsibility and a pleasing personality and truly feels like she is part of our team.

We hope to expand our services with you in near future".


Paul Beckman



Dear Rich:

"We thought we needed an outside marketing company like yourselves to help us, but we were really not sure what to expect. In the past, we have tried using telephone calls ourselves to generate new leads but were unable to produce the volume and consistency to really make it pay off.


Our questions have been answered. Thank you delivering the opportunities for growth that you said you would. We have begun to build a solid pipeline and that pipeline, and that pipeline will continue to produce sales for a long time to come.

You told us to expect some immediate sales, and that has happened. Just one sale last Friday paid for six weeks of your work.

Your customer relationship specialist Rachel does great work for us. We especially enjoy the convenience that she is able to work out of our offices."



Scott Norton

"We were referred to WE Marketing by a friend and were extremely pleased with the product quality and customer service received. We definitely plan to use WE Marketing every time we have an outbound project or need to jumpstart our marketing!"